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Frequently asked questions

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R : – No – Our structure is not yet able to accept credit cards . Any additional charges for rental must be paid in cash (Euro) or by check to the owner or his representative.

R : – As stated in our terms and conditions , you can send us 50 % of the total amount by bank transfer or by check , attach to your mail two original contract terms , so that we can send you a dated and signed by us. It is receiving all the documents that your reservation will be confirmed and validated .

A: – Yes – We accept payment by check to pay the deposit or the balance of your holiday , only when payment is made no later than 15 days before your arrival . After this time, it is by bank regulations that must be addressed .

R : – No – We are not able to accept holiday vouchers so far.

A: – Yes – This deposit must be made by check or in cash to the owner or his representative upon arrival. See Part # 8 in our terms and conditions.

A: – We are pleased to include the water charges and household in our rates.

A: – Yes – There is a tax to the field ” alapalmeraie ” in Epreville in Lieuvin 27560 . This is not included in the price displayed in our rental rates . See Part # 13 in our terms and conditions. R : – No – There is no tax to the field ” alabambouseraie ” Piencourt to 27230 .

A: – It is possible to set your holiday booking by bank transfer, check or cash . See payment method by clicking here

R : – Electricity is paid on the day of your departure. We offer rental options in our leases . See our contracts


A: – To check if any of our homes available for the dates you want , click on the “availability” tab in the detailed page of each cottage.

R : – All reservations must be preceded by a call from the owner Mr Le Roux at 0621701516 , to guard a duplicate booking . Then go directly to our website and print the terms and contracts. You send it by mail to our office with a deposit of 50 % of the total. Upon receipt of your mail, we will confirm by email and we will send you an original contract signed by us. You can also send us a reservation request by clicking on the “Booking / question” tab in the detailed page of each cottage

A: – Yes – We accept certain animals , see terms and conditions click here Article 11 , or view directly with the owner Mr Le Roux 0621701516

A: – Yes – Bed linen and towels can be provided , but additional services for hire. See in our contracts the prices of our options.

R : – Cleaning of floors , ovens, microwaves and refrigerators and toilets.

R : – Not included cleaning : cleaning barbecue grills , empty the dishwasher, closet space , replacing the same tables, chairs, garden furniture, setting up trash in containers .

A: – We can accommodate up to 24 people to the field ” alapalmeraie ” and maximum of 27 people to the field ” alabambouseraie .”

R : – No – We do not have beds umbrellas available.

A: – Yes – We have a list of caterers and restaurants available in the ” Places “. Click here

A: – We can offer you click on “activities ” under ” in the vicinity “.

A: – Yes – We are at your disposal, when you arrive in two areas , a list of useful numbers, such as doctor , pediatrician, dentist, hospital , pharmacy, supermarket , butcher, bakery etc …

A: – Yes – In field ” alapalmeraie ” when you do a network search , you must click ” alapalmeraie ” mentioned 2em line , then put the password: 27560 . This internet access is offered by management. R : – No – the field ” alabambouseraie ” you do not need an access code to get the internet. Just do a network search , then click ” alabambouseraie ” and you arrive directly on the internet. This internet access is offered by management.

R : – For rent at weekends we offer you our holiday from Friday to Sunday 14H 16H . For weekly rentals , we offer you our holiday from Sunday to Sunday 19H 10H . For a midweek rental ( midweek from Monday to Friday morning) , we offer you our holiday from Monday until Friday 12H 10H . Thank you to consult Rule No. 5 of our terms and conditions.