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Modes de règlement

Payment methods

Cottages in Normandy

To confirm and validate a reservation in one of our large lodges, you must print the contract corresponding to the cottage that you will find here.
You will have to fill them out and send them back to us by mail with a 50% down payment (if you opt for a check settlement).

Upon receipt, we send you a signed copy of the said contract, which will confirm your booking.

The balance is to send us at least 15 days before your arrival.

In the event of a late booking, the total amount must be paid as soon as you request your booking.

Two ways of regulating at your disposal:

1/ Bank cheque:

Please write your cheques on behalf of: S.A.R.L CRISTAL and send them to:

1373 Val Rivier Road
14130 Bonneville the Louvet

2/ By bank transfer to the account:

CIC Bank Bernay

(France) RIB: 30027 16023 00020097601 37
(Europe) IBAN: FR76 3002 7160 2300 0200 9760 137

3/ By Holiday Check “ancv”:

The title must have its upper stump, be free of any raking, mention, overload (no handwritten mention or stamp or commercial stamp must be included on the Holiday Check handed over in payment). For the record, the validity date for a Holiday Check is 31 December of the second calendar year following its year of issuance. The management does not return the change on the payments by Holiday Check.


  • For the rental of the Alapalmeraie and Alabambouseraie cottages (complete estates), a deposit of 2000 euros is to be paid on arrival and will be sent back to you by mail within eight days (see article CG No. 8).
  • In the context of the modulated rental, the security deposit is equal to the amount of the rate of the non-promotion deposit.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone on 06 21 70 15 16 or by email by clicking here.

Beware, for the Alapalmeraie cottage, the residence tax is not included in our rates.

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